80% of XPANCEO team are world-class scientists and engineers.

Our multidisciplinary team of almost 50 outstanding scientists, engineers and executive leaders is based at our Emerging Technology Research Center in Dubai.


Half of researchers hold PhDs, showcasing the deep expertise and knowledge-base.

3 exits

Expertise in navigating complex markets and delivering value to stakeholders.


XPANCEO, a deep tech startup, raises $40M to focus on smart contact lenses.

TOP 10

Recognised as one of the top ten research institutions in the UAE according to Nature Index.


Top 5 optics laboratories in the world, according to BCG.


XPANCEO scientists has a prolific publication record of over 200 articles.


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Roman Axelrod

Founder, Managing Partner

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Valentyn S. Volkov

Co-Founder, Scientific Partner

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