Opportunity Venture (Asia) Managing Director Visits XPANCEO's Dubai Laboratory

Today, XPANCEO had the honor of hosting Philip Ma, the Managing Director of Opportunity Venture (Asia), at our innovative laboratory in Dubai. The founders of XPANCEO, Roman Axelrod and Dr. Valentyn Volkov, personally guided Mr. Ma through the facility, showcasing the latest developments in our groundbreaking projects.

Opportunity Venture (Asia) played a pivotal role, providing a substantial $40 million in funding, as previously announced in October 2023. This funding has been dedicated to the establishment of the Dubai laboratory and the development of prototypes for the smart contact lens, which embodies the next generation of computing. Throughout the tour, the XPANCEO founders provided Mr. Ma with insights into the laboratory's operations and the latest developments. Dr. Volkov explained the purpose of each piece of state-of-the-art equipment and demonstrated the prototypes, while Axelrod outlined the plans for future expansion.

ma1.jpg Among the prototypes, the laboratory team presented to Mr. Ma, were the world's first holographic lens, lenses with the thinnest built-in electronics made of two-dimensional gold, as well as prototypes of the most sensitive sensors in the world. Mr. Ma expressed his deep admiration for the substantial progress XPANCEO has achieved, commenting:

“I am more than satisfied to witness firsthand the remarkable progress that XPANCEO has achieved with the support of our investment. Seeing their state-of-the-art laboratory and the prototypes has not only affirmed my confidence in their mission but has left me pleasantly amused by the incredible pace of their work. The prototypes I was able to observe and personally test today clearly demonstrate their capability to deliver the final product and define the next generation of computing. Opportunity Venture (Asia) is proud to be a part of this transformative journey.”

In addition, XPANCEO team demonstrated the ongoing projects, such as models for testing lenses on an artificial eye and other developments that the company has not yet publicly disclosed. Roman Axelrod concluded: photo_2024-01-25_16-12-58.jpg

"For us, this was a momentous occasion, and we are extremely grateful to Mr. Ma for his high praise of our work. Such a success would not have been possible without the trust placed in us, and we are proud to have met and exceeded expectations. Each passing day brings us one step closer to the future of technology, and we express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Ma for recognizing our endeavors. "

XPANCEO remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and looks forward to continuing this transformative journey towards the next generation of computing with the unwavering support of Opportunity Venture (Asia).